Monday, April 26, 2010

Santa Monica Pier

Last Tuesday I went out to Santa Monica Pier with some peeps from the Marine Microbiology department at USC. We needed to gather a couple hundred liters of ocean wata for a new bottle incubation experiment. It was definitely a fun experience. Having to wake up at 6AM was no fun, but turned out to be well worth it. It was a little overcast, but still made for a beautiful day at sea! Coming back to the lab and looking at all of the little critters under the scope in the water was even better than seeing the ocean itself (well, sort of..)! The creativity of God and the majesty of His creation (landscapes and living things alike) never ceases to blow my mind. What an awesome God we serve :)


Riz said...

Did you take this picture?? I really like it!!
P.S. commenting on yours is just as hard as mine. haha I have to verify such words.

Christine Tung said...

yes i did take it :)

sorry this is such a late response hahaha