Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Broomfield, CO

This past weekend, I went to visit my friend Jennie in Colorado! Early Thursday afternoon, I jumped on the tram to Union Station and from there caught the FlyAway to LAX. Call me a freak, but I really enjoy airplane rides. I love sitting in a window seat and I love meeting new people. I even enjoy riding next to women carrying their babies, which happened to be the case on both my flight there and my flight back. I love babies!

It was an awesome weekend to say the least! I haven't seen Jennie in a couple of months, so seeing her was really, really good. Our weekend was filled with random talks, movies, tons of great food, and Super Mario World on Nintendo Wii.Twas great! I really needed a weekend like that, with a good friend, to get me rested and motivated to finish out the semester strong! I was even fortunate enough to experience snow! in April! The snow fell on Friday and came down pretty hard (disclaimer: I haven't seen real snow in nearly 10 years so it may not have actually come down very hard at all) and stuck around for several hours. It was beautiful!

I have my last class on Thursday at 12:30 and, which is more a celebration of the end of the year than it is an actual class meeting. From there, it's paper-writing and finals! I have to write one essay, one journal-formatted essay, and take two finals. I'll be home-free on the 12th of May!

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jennie said...

I'm so glad it snowed that weekend!!